So Easy Moving

It’s so easy to find someone to move house!
So Easy!

It’s so easy to find someone to move house!
So Easy!

Service Introduction

Moving house

Public housing, Home Ownership Housing, private housing, tenement houses, detached houses, village houses, pianos, large and small furniture and electrical appliances

Industrial and commercial relocation

Installation and disassembly of offices, shops, clinics, schools, kindergartens, public institutions and exhibitions

Mini storage

Decoration storage, temporary storage of furniture, sundries and documents

Moving overseas

Moving for immigrants, studying abroad, moving on business trips, temporary storage of furniture, door-to-door moving

Why choose So Easy Moving to move?

Provide the best prices to help you save money 

We provide moving packages and discounts, there is bound to be one that suits you and can help you save every penny.

The account manager will follow up the whole process and arrange everything for you thoughtfully.

Your dedicated account manager will follow you throughout the process,We always think about you, take care of everything for you, and provide professional moving advice to give you peace of mind and guarantee your satisfaction.

Listen carefully to your needs and provide high-quality services

The professional moving team listens carefully to your needs, tailors a personalized moving plan for you, solves various logistics worries, and meets your professional service requirements.

Pleasant moving experience

We value every guest’s service experience,Focus on every detail,We provide comprehensive services including date selection, quotation, preparation of packaging materials, furniture and sundry assembly and disassembly, warehousing, furniture and electrical appliance recycling, debris disposal, and transportation to ensure that you experience a pleasant moving service.

Green life, environmental recycling

Second-hand furniture, electrical appliances, and debris recycling services help you save money and protect the environment. Moving cartons, red, white and blue bags and packaging materials are recycled to protect the environment and cherish resources.

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