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  • Dining table, desk, coffee table, other tables
  • Electrical appliances
  • Audio and musical instruments
  • Others, plants, bicycles, fitness equipment, fish tanks, barbecue grills, screens
  • Cardboard box, plastic storage box, red, white and blue, folder, travel
  • TV cabinet, combination cabinet, shoe cabinet, half-length cabinet
  • Wardrobe, bookcase, bucket cabinet, bedside table, filing cabinet, clothing or bookcase glass door
  • Sofa, dining chair, massage chair, computer chair, other chairs
  • Bed, convertible bed, BB bed, sofa bed, mattress
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    Please read the following terms before entering the quotation system

    1. Items not listed on the list must be charged separately. All fees are charged and managed according to the prices of the online quotation system. Services will be provided and additional fees will be charged with the guest's consent. No tips or unnecessary fees will be charged. The porter will collect the guest service fee on the same day, and the system will verify it before issuing the receipt. Highly transparent system management and clear price list make customers feel at ease and assured.
    2. Please take out and pack all the items in the cabinet buckets, plastic boxes, modular cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes and shoe cabinets to avoid damage to the items during transportation. Therefore, with the guest's consent, the moving staff will take out the items and put them into the box, and the additional costs incurred will be charged according to the price of the online quotation system.
    3. If you have discarded furniture and electrical appliances, please contact the recycling organization in advance and donate them to other families in need. If porters are needed to help discard, this will be done with the guest's consent and an additional service fee will be charged based on the price of the online quotation system.
    4. The handling fee does not include parking fees, tunnel fees and tolls. The fees incurred will be reimbursed and collected. If there is no parking lot, the truck must be parked on the side of the road with the guest's consent. The guest is responsible for the fine for illegal parking.
    5. The company will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by any delay in transportation.
    6. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, items packaged by the guest must be unpacked by the guest themselves.
    7. Our company does not include any installation services such as disassembly and installation of water, electricity, gas and air conditioning.
    8. The company will provide moving services according to normal moving standard times; however, these standards are not a commitment and do not form part of any agreement.
    9. On the day of furniture assembly and disassembly, our company's moving personnel will determine whether the assembly and disassembly can continue after judging the potential risks. If it cannot continue, the assembly, disassembly and transportation costs of the piece of furniture will be deducted from the moving service fee. The deducted transportation fee is only applicable to items that have not been moved. Otherwise, no additional compensation will be made.
    10. Before and after the moving service, guests must count the number of items to be moved. If you have any questions, please communicate with the moving staff immediately and follow up immediately. Before the movers leave, please reconfirm that the items collected are correct. After the movers have left, if the customer raises any questions, the company will not accept them. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    11. If you need to change or cancel the scheduled moving service, please notify us 5 working days in advance, otherwise the company will charge a service fee of 30%. (Working days refer to Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.)
    12. Cartons for transportation need to be purchased separately. Our company will use cost prices to purchase cartons of different sizes and packaging materials (sealing tape, pearl cotton, bubble bags, boundary knives...) for customers at cost prices, with one free delivery. Guests can also use recycled second-hand cartons and packaging materials to conserve resources.
    13. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, items packaged by the guest must be unpacked by the guest themselves.
    14. The weight of sundries (cartons, plastic boxes, red, white and blue, plastic bags, suitcases) is within 25kg. If the items exceed the 25kg standard, the handling service fee will be calculated as 25kg per item (for example, 25-35kg = 2 items) 25kg). To avoid danger to the movers during the handling process, please try to separate the items into less than 25kg per box. The upper limit of the weight of sundries is 35kg. If the weight of items exceeds 35kg, please quote separately in advance.
    15. All quotations are subject to the company's quotation issued by the quoter. Online quotations are for reference only.
    16. Our company will contact the customer (phone and whatsapp) within 2 days before moving to verify the moving address and time. If the customer cannot be successfully contacted, our company staff has the right to postpone the customer's appointment and reschedule another moving date, and treat it as a change of appointment date, and charge a service fee of 30%.
    17. The maximum compensation amount for any property loss or damage caused by the company and porters to the guest during the transportation is 15% of the transportation fee. The following items will not be covered by loss protection and compensation: audio appliances, home appliances, crystal lamps and lighting, walls and floors of new and old homes, damaged items in boxes, and scratched furniture.
    1. Customers need to purchase their own insurance.
    2. If the move is already in progress, our company will also charge the full fee in the following circumstances:
      a) Furniture is deformed due to long-term load-bearing and cannot be assembled and restored after disassembly and assembly, resulting in the furniture being abandoned.
      b) Due to problems with the size of lifts, doorways and passages, electrical appliances or furniture cannot be successfully moved.
    3. If the weather is bad, with typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or red rain/black rain warning, the company has the right to stop the moving to ensure the safety of employees. The new moving date will be rescheduled without refund.
    4. If the following situations occur on the day, a surcharge will be charged:
      a) Different from the information provided: There is no direct elevator access to the residence, and one must go to the elevator via a platform or steps.
      b) The truck parking location is too far away from the residence, more than 50 meters.
      c) If the lift is broken on the day of moving, it will be treated as if there is no lift and additional charges will be charged. If you want to change the moving date, the additional costs (at cost price) incurred will be borne by the customer.
    1. If the carrying capacity of the items exceeds the capacity of one truck, an additional truck will be required to transport the extra items. The cost will be reimbursed by the customer. The 5.5-ton truck can carry 1000kg to 1200kg of cargo. A 9-ton truck can carry 3,500kg of cargo. In order to protect customers, our company will use 5.5-ton or 9-ton trucks as standard to ensure the safety of customers and goods.
    1. Guests can purchase materials in advance to protect the floors and walls to avoid scratches during transportation. The company can also provide it to customers for purchase at cost price.
    2. The company will not be responsible if the items in the warehouse are damaged by natural disasters or factors beyond our control (such as wind, fire, flood).
    3. Guests are not allowed to store food, drinks, any liquids, flammable items and items that violate Hong Kong laws.
    4. If the customer wants to pass through one more location, an additional 200-500 yuan/location will be charged.


    In the event of any dispute, So Easy Moving Company reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions contained in this article.